Russian Pointe - Rubin V-cut (Flexible Soft)

Russian Pointe - Rubin V-cut (Flexible Soft)

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The versatility of these v-cut pointe shoes has given Rubin unsurpassed popularity among discerning ballerinas.
Russian Pointe’s revolutionary pre-arched construction mimics the shape of the foot on pointe, to highlight the arch while facilitating pointework and minimising break-in.

Suits a variety  of foot shapes!
  • Wide toe platform
  • Slightly tapered box
  • Low crown
  • Pre-Arched Construction


How to Choose your Size?

 This is type of pointe shoes for.....

 Low Crown                             Mid Crown 


We are ONLY available the most popular types, FS(Flexible Soft) and FM (Flexible Medium)

“Hard” shanks are longer than “Soft” shanks. For proper support, a dancer should choose the length that best matches the shape of her arch. “Flexible” and “Standard” shanks have different designs. Flexible shanks have a cutout design behind the toes, to provide more flexibility in demi-pointe, whereas Standard shanks have no cutout, for stronger support behind the toes. 

We are ONLY available the most common vamp V2, which is medium long

 Order One size bigger than usual size

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